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HMS Victory

HMS Victory

Build Lord Nelson’s HMS Victory is a new magazine that comes complete with all parts to construct a superb model of Lord’s Nelson’s Flagship at the legendary battle of Trafalgar, Britain’s greatest naval engagement. This kit comes complete with crew figurines and a free tool worth £40.

Build HMS Victory is an exciting magazine and build-up collection. By the end of the series you will have a complete 1:84 scale model of the HMS Victory ship.

You will receive 2 issues in your first and second parcels and then 4 issues every month thereafter, plus special issues that ModelSpace may publish from time to time.

PLUS - All subscribers receive their next issue and magnifying glass FREE in their first parcel, a FREE binder to store magazines in the second parcel, and a FREE toolkit in the third parcel.

Issue 1 comes for the special price of £1.99, each issue thereafter costs £5.99

4 free gifts